Yazar Kasa POS

Yazar Kasa POS
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Online sales and inventory tracking Sales are continued even if the network is cut, the sales information is sent to the center without the need for ..

$2,596.00 Ex Tax: $2,200.00

IPOS I1001 Dokunmatik Pos

IPOS I1001 On-line and off-line operation Ability to use the device without using a keyboard and / or mouse Improve customer satisfaction and loyal..

$4,366.00 Ex Tax: $3,700.00

IPOS I2001 Pos Yazarkasa

IPOS I2001 Pos Yazarkasa..

$4,246.82 Ex Tax: $3,599.00

myPOS 915-TMH (Yeni Nesil EFT Özellikli POS Yazar Kasa)

With our New Generation POS Cash registers Your use is unchanged Without compromising your integration With invoice options POS cash registers are at..

$3,009.00 Ex Tax: $2,550.00