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Datalogic Quickscan Lite Barkod Okuyucu

Technical specifications Model     Quickscan QD2100 Linear Imager Barcode Reader / USB / Stand Product Code QW2020-BKK1S Ligh..

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Inter IS-2100 El Tipi Standlı Lazer Barkod

Product features :   Reading known linear barcodes Scan depth of 350 mm Resistance to fall from concrete to 1.5 meters 50 million times pr..

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1D + 2D image Barcode Scanner Processor: 32-bit ARM MCU, Planar CMOS sensor, Interface: USB, USB virtual RS232, Light Source: Red CCD, white LED ..

$82.60 Ex Tax: $70.00

IS4000 Masa Tipi Barkod Okuyucu

NEW GENERATION TABLE TYPE BARCODE READER   Light Source Dual 650 nm visible lasers (VLD) Depth of Field 0-216 mm (UPC / EAN 100%, PCS = 90% ..

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IS8200 Masa Tipi Barkod Okuyucu

Cost of Ownership The IS-8200 uses Scantech's patented and unique Golldrush polygon technology. The gold polygon on the polygon makes it ultra-brig..

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PS23 Tiger El Tipi Barkod Okuyucu

Product features Lightweight and ergonomic design Read all known barcodes Audible LED warning Easy installation with plug and play Fast and rel..

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