About us

Sales and marketing services of local cash register products such as POS cash registers, İscale brand Libra, İprinter brand printers and similar cash registers, as well as distributing brands such as Epson, Citizen, meet various electronic needs of domestic and foreign companies.

Founded in 1995, interposer., with Guven Toner group companies, mainly engineers with experienced staff and the Far East, Turkey's leading electronic component distributor. Our group companies are able to offer all kinds of loading options to our customers with FOB, CIF and EXWORKS loading options.

Our company, OEM electronic manufacturing domestic and foreign companies, quality products, fast supply and competitive prices.

As the component department, wireless communication, automotive, lighting, white goods, defense industry, health, safety, meter, vehicle tracking, automation, scales, ups, fuel, telecom and intercom are among the main sectors we serve.

We have entered the sector closely the knowledge and technology we have gained since the world formed by our broad vision to follow, our customers in finding the most appropriate solutions and our role in the development of Turkey Electronic industry more is great.

Biwin SSD (Solid State Disks) has been exhibited for the first time at Cebit Eurasia and we are announcing new products and brands especially in Biometrics, Wifi, Bluetooth, Zigbee Modules, SDIO, ARM Boards and Sensor.